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Women Socks & Tights | Ditsy Printed Trainer Socks Three pack - QJ72878

    A three pack of women’s trainer socks each with a ditsy floral design on the sole.

    Sock A: 1% Elastane
    Sock A: 21% Polyester
    Sock A: 25% Polyamide
    Sock A: 53% Cotton
    Sock B: 1% Elastane
    Sock B: 22% Polyester
    Sock B: 25% Polyamide
    Sock B: 52% Cotton
    Sock C: 1% Elastane
    Sock C: 20% Polyester
    Sock C: 25% Polyamide
    Sock C: 54% Cotton

    40 gentle action
    Do Not Bleach
    Do not dry clean
    Do not iron
    Do not tumble dry
    Part of a 3 piece set